About Me

Hello! I’m Nicky, a nutritional therapist, a Mum, a wife to be and a health and lifestyle blogger.

I’m passionate about my wonderful family, I love healthy food and the world of health and wellbeing. And I’m always learning how best to look after myself as I go through life’s changes.

I don’t always get it right! I can get over-excited with projects, take on too much and get run down, but I’ve learnt a lot over the past 10 years about how to manage what life has to throw at us.

I’ve always been passionate about food, so I followed my heart and took a diploma in Nutritional Therapy with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. I did this whilst working full-time as an HR Manager … I told you I can take on too much!

During my 4 year course my life took a number of twists and turns which I could never have predicted. It wasn’t just one thing, but the hardest thing by far was losing my Mum to cancer. It was a short battle, 6 months from her diagnosis to her leaving us in 2007. Losing my Mum was the worst time of my life, but it taught me so much; how to deal with grief, how to be truly grateful for what you have and how to find joy in each day – I appreciate the little things much more now than I ever did. Everything I went through really did make me stronger.

Through my website I want to share with you everything I’ve learnt on my journey; how to manage your life, your health, your body and your mind, so you can take care of yourself.

I’ll share with you my stories, my experiences of personal survival, every day tales of family life and everything I’ve discovered in my wonderful world of food and nutrition.

With love and health,




p.s. Take a look at my philosophy here.

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