This is a very personal post, I wrote it when this all happened and now I feel ready to share it and start moving on … so here it is.

Just over 7 weeks ago we were burgled. I don’t think there are any words to describe it. If you’ve been through it you’ll know that mixture of disbelief and that feeling of having been violated somehow.

I’ve been working through it, processing it with a mix of emotions; sadness, anger, frustration, loss.

The worst thing about it is the sentimental things they took. They were only after jewellery, they didn’t take anything else. My lovely Mum died 9 years ago and they took her engagement ring and my Nan died on Boxing Day and they took her silver cross. (If I’m honest it probably isn’t anything I’d ever wear but she wore it for as long as I’ve been around and she never took it off, it was part of her!) It’s those things that probably weren’t even worth a lot, but mean so much to me.

And because of this it’s bought up another layer of grief. That’s the thing about grief, it doesn’t really go away. It resurfaces every now and then.

But I’ve been looking after myself with acupuncture, homeopathy and yoga. Last week I managed to sort out the insurance which was a long drawn out process (it was difficult having to describe every single piece of jewellery they took). And like I say now I feel ready to move on.

A couple of days after it happened I wrote a letter to my burglar, it’s one of the ways I process things. It feels strange reading it back now. And I think if I wrote something now it would be a lot different. I definitely haven’t been this reasonable all the way through! And I should say that I do feel safe in my home again.


You came into my home uninvited. I wonder what you must have been thinking, as you broke through not one but two doors? When you saw my children’s toys on the floor, when you passed (thankfully) my 1 year old daughter’s bedroom? Probably not a lot, you clearly only had one intention in mind, and that was jewellery.

You took my Mum’s engagement ring but you didn’t take away my memories of her.

You took my beautiful Nanna’s cross but you didn’t take away her love.

You took my first ever piece of jewellery that my Mum and Dad bought me as a little girl but you didn’t take away my memories.

You took my ring from my fiancé but he’s firmly by my side.

You invaded our home but you will not win.

I will feel safe in my home again and I will love my beautiful home again.

Whatever you’ve been through that led you to this. I’m sorry.

And one day I’ll forgive you. Not just yet, it’s too raw and feels pretty awful at the moment. But one day.

And thank you for reminding me about all the wonderful things in my life. I didn’t really need reminding as I’m grateful every day. But it’s made my little family stronger. I didn’t know that was possible.

So I wish that you find peace. I wish that you don’t do this to anyone else. And if you’re reading this I’d love my Mum’s ring back and my Nan’s cross, everything else you can keep (a girl can try!).


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And in the hope, that by the power of social media, by Mum’s engagement ring and my Nan’s cross may find their way back to me, the picture is of my Mum’s wedding ring that matched her engagement ring (my sister has her wedding ring).  It just has a single solitaire diamond but the same distinctive pattern on the band.

And my Nan’s cross was similar, solid silver, quite big with a pattern over it.

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