When I get five minutes I love just watching my kids. It doesn’t happen very often; when I can just do nothing and watch, but when it does I just love taking them in.

I think there’s a few things we can learn from out little ones. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

They get engrossed

They just focus on one thing at a time. They’re not distracted by anything else around them. They just get engrossed with whatever it is they’re doing. I think we could really learn from this. Be really present on what we’re doing and only do one thing at a time. I’m trying to move away from multitasking, I think it should be a thing of the past. I’ve found just doing one thing at a time and not getting distracted by anything else, not only makes me more productive but helps with having a clearer mind.

They’re curious

Curious is one of my favourites words. I try and remain curious about everything (about my body, about how people react around me, about how I react etc.) but there’s something so new for children that makes them curious about everything. And they’re in absolute wonder. How lovely would that be to be in wonder every day at the smallest things?

They have fun and lots of it

It’s all about play, it’s all about fun. There’s nothing stressful in their little lives, they’re just taking it all in and enjoying every moment.  How can you have more fun in your life?

They show their emotions

They really feel everything, they don’t bottle anything up. Now I’m not suggesting that we should have tantrums and throw ourselves on the floor (although I’m sure that if we did this when we really felt like it then we’d probably feel a whole lot better!) but I do think it’s important to feel whatever’s going on, not to suppress it or try to avoid how we’re feeling.

And they move on quickly

No grudges are held, they just move on. I love watching how they do this. We can get so caught up in things, often when they’re not about us at all. This could be so freeing for us grown-ups!

Their honesty

Don’t you just love the things they say? I love how honest they are. “Mummy you’ve got a spot!” “Yes darling Mummy has!” Again I’m not suggesting we do this, it’s good that we have a filter as we get older! But I love that they’re completely honest, if they don’t like something they’ll tell you, if they’re upset, you absolutely know. They are 100% true to themselves and this we could definitely learn from.

They’re happy with the smallest of things

They don’t need anything at all. A box to play wth and a little love. It’s not about how much they have (although I’m learning that as they grown this definitely changes). But really all they need is a bit of love, don’t we all?

They listen to their bodies

They work so naturally with their body. Their posture is perfect. As babies and toddlers they move with their body, their back and neck are perfectly straight.  And they listen to their bodies; if they’re full they don’t eat any more. If they’re not hungry they don’t eat.  Somewhere along the line we forget to do this as adults.  Listen to what your body is telling you, you know your body best.

So if you get a few spare minutes, take some time to watch your little ones. They’re learning a lot from us, but we can also learn a lot from them.

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