Here’s a quick guide so you can make healthy food choices and really take the time to enjoy your food.

Being mindful is about being truly present in the moment you’re in right now. It’s about keeping the mind with you and not letting it wonder off, paying full attention to what you’re doing without judgement (that’s important!) and with compassion. Perhaps you’re in the shower at the start of the day thinking about what you’ve got to get done, that you need to be quick to get the kids to school, get to work, or get the food shopping done. You’re not feeling the temperature of the water, the feel of the water on your skin, the smell of your shower lotion. It’s the same when we’re eating, many of us rush our meals and don’t fully experience them. We eat unconsciously, sometimes in front of the television and don’t even experience the full taste of a meal.

Eating mindfully has so many benefits; it can help with weight loss, it can stop you over-eating, it can aid digestion, it can help you tune into what your body really needs and it can make eating a whole new positive experience.

Try these steps to choosing consciously and eating mindfully:

  • The first step is tuning in and making the decision that you need something to eat. Are you really hungry? Are you just thirsty instead? Or are you simply looking for something to do?
  • Then you need to be really conscious about what you’re going to choose to eat. Open the cupboard or fridge and have a good look at what’s available to you. Don’t just grab the first thing you see. Think about what your body needs and what your body will get from the choices you have.
  • Once you have chosen what you’re going to eat and prepared it (and you can be mindful whilst you prepare your food), take the time to look at the food, you may have chosen something in a wrapper, what colour is it? Where has it come from? Smell your food (this is the first stage of the digestive process). Really appreciate it before you start to eat.
  • Now for the best part! Start eating. Really savour your first mouthful and every mouthful, notice the texture, the taste, notice how long you chew for, notice how quickly you’re eating and slow down if you need to. Really enjoy what you’re eating.
  • Now tune in and see how your body has reacted to what you’ve eaten, do you feel nicely full but still light or do you feel bloated and sluggish. Don’t forget this is without judgement so if you are feeling bloated and sluggish be thankful for the insight, let it go, and then you can make a different choice next time.

Remember, sit back, enjoy your food and really appreciate it.

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