Nourish + Nurture

Tuesday 15th December 8-10pm (GMT)

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No-one could have predicted this year. It has challenged us all on every level. We’re now coming through Autumn into Winter, still in a place of not knowing, a place of uncertainty.

Our bodies are amazing and are equipped to adapt, but when something is prolonged, when it goes on indefinitely it impacts on every level. Our resilience becomes depleted, our mental wellbeing is impacted and our body becomes tired, exhausted, or starts to scream out in another way.

Everything we’ve experienced this year has been the opposite of what we need to nourish + nurture ourselves.

And so it’s from this place that I want to invite you to Nourish + Nurture. 

Nourish + Nurture is a two hour session that will guide you home.  It will bring you back to yourself and your body.

It will allow us to come together.  A moment of connection in a year where we’ve been so disconnected, from others and from our own hearts.

If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, disconnected from not only those you love, but from yourself, this is for you.


The session will take place on Tuesday 15th December at 8pm UK time. It is a 2 hour session where you will be able to receive, an opportunity for you to come home to yourself.

Nourish + Nurture will allow you space to:

  • Recalibrate mind and body
  • Reconnect back to you
  • Breathe
  • Bring in fun and play into your life
  • To explore the enchantment of life even when life feels hard
  • Get ready for the deep winter months and for Christmas, whatever that may look like
  • Receive support and be held by me and everyone around you
  • Connect with other wonderful human beings – we are meant to be connected, we are meant to hug, to love

On the night we’ll:

  • Set the intention for our time together
  • Start with a meditation to ground us in the space
  • Explore what it means to Nourish + Nurture yourself on the deepest level; I’ll be sharing what it means to go beyond self care and what nourishment looks like at a mind, body and soul level.  I’ll also be speaking about heart medicine.
  • We’ll then explore together what gets in the way of doing this for ourselves – this will be an important part of our journey in this space, unraveling all the things that get in the way
  • We’ll all make a personal commitment to ourselves as we go into Christmas and into 2021
  • And we’ll finish by moving our body, to bring us into our body and out of our mind, to lift ourselves

This will be an interactive space.  A space for you to participate and share all of who you are.

I believe in nourishing deeply and nurturing with love.

Nourish + Nurture is designed to nourish + nurture you on every level; mind, body and soul.

Let’s come together.

Nourish + Nurture


95 in stock

If you’re experiencing financial difficulty or a reduced income but would still like to join us, please email me at nicky@nickyforlife.com


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