Happy Client Testimonials:

Nita – London

“I have immensely enjoyed our sessions together.  You have been something very different from whom I thought I needed you to be and possibly more effective than any counsellor I’ve had in the past.  I know your presence in my life will be a force for good — as it is in other people’s lives.  The impact of your outlook and clarity… just that space to perhaps be more vulnerable than I am even with myself – is immensely powerful.”

Kelly – London

“I have really found the whole process massively beneficial and cannot recommend you enough.   It is crazy how I actually thought I was a healthy eater just because I bought healthy food and fed it to my kids but until you actually made me stop and really analyse my habits I just didn’t realise how ignorant I was being of my own body!  It has been so cathartic to actually stop and think about things and learn to let go of guilt and give myself a break – something us mums just don’t do enough.”

Laura – London

“Working with Nicky was a total pleasure.  I was feeling under pressure, overwhelmed and extremely inadequate.  Not only did Nicky help me to prioritise and refocus but she enabled me to acknowledge my strengths which game me a sense of achievement and self worth.  As a result I now feel a lot happier, more relaxed and more confident.  Thank you Nicky.”

Carol – Watford

“When looking back over the three months I spent working with Nicky I realise how totally differently I feel about myself, both physically, mentally and emotionally. I was a bit of a mess when we first started, I had inflammation and sore, swollen joints in my fingers which I’d been struggling with for a couple of years. I was tired, had no energy, no vitality, no zest for life. My relationship with food was a love/hate one. Love because I love to eat, love to cook and love to share with friends my love of food. Hate because I had such an unhealthy relationship with food (and alcohol). I just didn’t know how to break the cycle, which affected how I felt about myself – my confidence was rock bottom and I didn’t believe I could change things for the positive.

Through working with Nicky I learned that I was someone who reached for food and alcohol when things got tough. I just didn’t know how I was going to change this. We started our weekly sessions by facing things head-on. Nicky encouraged me to go deeper into the things which had lead me to be where I was; she was so insightful, gently pushing me to go further into some areas which were uncomfortable to go. Our discussions became very fulfilling as I slowly began to see the light. I learned not only about how to make healthy choices, but I learned some very useful tools along the way to help me in all other aspects of my life – work, relationships etc.

As we moved forward I began to slowly believe in myself again, to trust that my body knows what is good for me. This was a revelation for me! After three months I feel excited about everything – shopping for food, cooking real food, eating consciously, being mindful about everything around me. I feel guilt-free when I allow myself treats, and no longer see food as good or bad foods – all real food is good, and it’s no longer tied in with my emotions. I no longer have swollen and inflamed finger joints, I feel energised and vibrant in a way I haven’t felt for years. And as a very nice aside, I around 16 lbs lighter!

Nick’s incredible knowledge about food and nutrition, coupled with her unique insights when she is working with me on a very deep level has helped change me for life. I never want to return to how I felt three months ago. Her warmth, her gentle probing into difficult areas, and her encouragement and continued belief in me made for a very special experience. I can’t recommend Nicky highly enough to anyone struggling with any aspect of their health. If you open yourself up to it, you too can come out at the other end eating healthily and feeling happier and stronger.”

Kathryn – London

“My time with Nicky was transformative.

Food used to be fuel to me. I was never interested, I’d always grab the fastest food available when I was hungry and I’d overeat without thinking. After my second baby (when I was finally getting something approaching a night’s sleep) I decided I should do something about the way I felt when I looked in the mirror.

Spending time with Nicky was the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. She guided me in unpicking the reasons for my choices and gave me tools to change my thinking and my health habits. I hit my target of losing a stone in weight, and I lost 8-10 cm from my waist and hips.

But more importantly, I gained control of my health choices. I love the way that feels. I’ve discovered an interest and appetite for choosing healthy foods.  I rarely have the foods I used to survive on and that’s a choice, not a restriction. I’ve astonished myself and it’s a totally different experience when I look in the mirror now.”

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