There are days when we feel super confident when you feel like you can take on the world. You know those says when you feel like Superwoman!

And then there are days when that little voice of self-doubt sits on your shoulder, when you’re feeling off balance and you start questioning everything you’re doing.

So how can you find strength in those moments?

For me it depends on the day, but these are some of the things that help me find my strength, and they’ve even got me through some of my most difficult times too.


Yoga for me is grounding. It brings me back to me. Gets me out of my head and into my body. But recently I’ve also noticed that I can find strength in yoga too. The days when I’m feeling a bit off balance if I do the stronger poses, warrior for example (one of my favourites), I suddenly feel like I can do anything again.


Sometimes it’s just about going in. Getting everything down on paper – how you’re feeling, what’s going on for you right now, everything.  I often ask myself “what do I need right now?” I write down the question and then answer it.  I write down whatever comes up.  Don’t think too much about it, just let it flow.  This can help you figure out what you need and then you can go and do it.


Sometimes it’s about shifting the energy. So I put on one of my favourite tunes and dance around the kitchen like no-one’s watching. Seriously if they were watching I’d probably look a bit crazy!

Positive affirmations

Tuning out of that little voice of self-doubt, in a kind way and bringing something positive in. Something as simple as “I can do this” or “I’m a great Mum”. Or one of my favourites “Everything’s going to be OK.” If you’re new to this it can feel strange but give it a go and see how it can change how you’re feeling. Grab some Yes Mum cards to help you.

This too shall pass

I use this a lot, for lots of different situations. Everything comes and goes, both good and bad. So how you’re feeling now won’t be how you’re feeling in a week, a day or it can even change moment to moment. When I’m feeling tired because the kids haven’t slept and I’ve still somehow got to muster up the energy to work and be at my best, I use this phrase and know that tomorrow I may feel less tired, or even the day after but it shall pass.

There’s something powerful about simply believing in yourself, knowing that you can do this, because you can. It can take time to get there, and when you do it doesn’t mean it’s always there. But being able to find strength yourself, rather than relying on other people to tell you can do it, is freeing, it puts everything in your hands.

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