It’s funny how different stages of your life bring up different things. I thought I’d let go of perfect. Trying to achieve the perfect body, having the perfect home, the perfect relationship, creating that perfect powerpoint presentation at work! And then I became a Mum and without even realising it I slipped into trying to achieve perfect again.

I’ll feed the baby, get the baby dressed, get showered, dressed myself, do the washing, look at what to have for dinner, do the shopping to get the ingredients, bath baby, put baby to bed, cook dinner, have a lovely time in the evening with my other half whilst baby sleeps. Oh wouldn’t that be lovely!!  I feel exhausted just writing all of this. And that’s it, you’re exhausted, babies and little children are so unpredictable that you never quite know what the day will bring. And that’s why perfect is just impossible.

Wouldn’t it be much nicer to go with the flow, see what the day brings and celebrate those little successes. In the early days, the successes were small. Having a shower was a success! And when I had 2 little ones it was washing my hair, there were a lot of times I walked around looking rather greasy!!

Over the years and particularly through yoga I’ve learnt that perfect doesn’t exist. And it really doesn’t. Because what I think is perfect will be very different to what you think is perfect. And therein lies the rub. You’ll never achieve perfect because it’s means different things to different people. And you’re striving for the impossible.

It’s much better to accept. Accept where you are today. Accept what you’ve achieved today, or what you haven’t. It’s all ok.

I’m out of the new baby stage now but there are still times when the days don’t go as planned. I’m writing this in my pyjamas as I haven’t managed to get showered and dressed yet and if I’m honest I’m slightly ashamed to tell you what time of day is! But the kids are dressed, fed and I’ve done the online grocery shopping! So that’s ok.

There’s a saying that my yoga says to me ‘perfect in it’s imperfections’.  Take the pressure off and let go of perfect.

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