Linda is one half of P4 Body, an online personal training system that’s 100% bespoke to you. Not only is Linda running her own business but she has two gorgeous little girls, just 15 months apart. She amazes me when I see her doing all of these things and exercising as well! Eating healthily comes naturally to me now, and whilst I do some exercise I need to do more, and finding the time now I’m a Mum is tricky. Here Linda tells us a bit about P4, what it’s like running your own business and being a Mum and how to fit that all important exercise into your life at the same time!

Tell us a bit more about P4

After years of helping so many people achieve their health goals, my husband and business partner Dylan and myself decided to bring to life an easy to use, online system which would empower those who don’t have access to a personal trainer. Whether it’s a lack of time, motivation or affordability we really felt that more people deserved a chance to feel happy and confident in their own skin with someone guiding them through each step of the way with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle and so P4 was born. You can workout anywhere and all plans are tailored to you.

I often hear people say they can’t find the time to exercise, how do you find the time?

It’s simple, I work out in my kitchen! Most of the time its with my 2 little people right next to me and a huge pile of toys, but 20 minutes a day is all it takes and committing to that really does change your life. It’s all about priorities and how badly you want something. Once you set in your mind exactly what you want, 20 minutes a day is easy to find.

What advice would you give to Mum’s who want to exercise?

Do it! It’s so hard as a mum to claw some time for yourself but feeling happy and confident changes everything, a happy mum is a happy family! Just start slowly and work your way up gradually. Set yourself small, realistic goals and use a safe plan, especially if you have given birth in the past year.

How important is the nutrition side of things?

It’s everything! What we fuel our body’s with changes everything about us. Nourishing your body is vital to health, it can even change our mood. Exercise doesn’t mean you can eat unhealthy food, in fact it’s more of a reason to provide yourself with healthful nutrients. Many of our members come to us after having worked out for years with little or no results but once they tweak their diet it all starts to happen very quickly.

Where’s your favourite place to work out?

In my kitchen or garden (when it’s not raining). I set out a mat, my P4 Body Bands, turn up the music, hit play on my P4 Body workout and get into the zone. The water is right there when I need it, I don’t have to wait for any equipment or machines, I don’t have to worry about what I wear and I get to make myself a smoothie directly afterward.

What’s your favourite food?

That’s a tricky one! I absolutely love food and think we are so blessed to have so much variety at our finger tips. For me it just depends on the mood. Now I live out in the country side its hard to find sushi so that’s always something I look forward to when I go into London for meetings. I also love our P4 Lean Green Breakfast Bowl for a big hit of delicious nutrients at any time of the day (recipe can be found in our brand new eBook FoodsForLife available on Amazon and iTunes).

What’s your favourite treat?

If I had to pick 1 treat it would most certainly be a large slice of cheesecake!

What is it like running your own business and being a Mum?

It’s tricky, exhausting and scary but hugely rewarding and I love it! After having the girls, I felt incredibly isolated. I had gone from working 12-14 hours per day, getting to spend a lot of time with my amazing clients and having my own independence to being at home at the mercy of a very small but an incredibly loud little person. People move on and you kind of feel that you have been left behind or forgotten about somehow. Building P4 and working with my clients online enabled me to do what I love again without leaving my children for any length of time. It provides me with the ability to use my brain and to prove that I am still able to hold a conversation about something else other than Peppa pig!

What would you say is the recipe for optimum health and wellbeing?

Balance. Not following unrealistic or extreme diets or exercise plans. Having a treat does not mean you failed in any way and it certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your next workout. Life is for living and it should be enjoyed. Believe in yourself and focus on any small change you make because its these little changes which turn into big results over time.

Who’s your inspiration?

My mum is a big inspiration, after years of not exercising and eating unhealthy food she now works out twice per week in her living room and has almost ditched the sugar habit entirely. She has dropped 3 dress sizes and has more energy than her 3 granddaughters put together! People who never stop trying to be a better person really inspire me.

How do you relax after a busy day working and with the kids?

I actually find it really hard to unwind, I’m a bit of a live wire and prefer to keep busy. I do understand just how important it is to get down time though so I try and have a few hot Epsom salt baths.

Your last word ….

Be careful who you take advice from and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Smile and breathe, you are doing a great job.

You can check out P4 Body here.

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