I can’t believe that I’ve actually written that title! It seems strange, I never thought I’d ever have a day with a stylist, or that I’d need one.

And there’s something in me that doesn’t want to quite admit it either! It feels a bit indulgent if I’m honest. I feel like I should whisper it or not even tell people at all (she says as she puts it out to the world).

But the reason I’m sharing this is because I really believe in looking after yourself. I believe that you should feel good as a Mum. And this is what I needed to do and here’s why.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit Mumsy. A bit Mumsy, and I’m going to say it, a bit old. I hadn’t really bought anything new in a long time. After I’d got back into shape after my son we knew we wanted another baby so it seemed pointless in buying any new clothes. I’d buy the odd thing but stuck with what I had, even though my body had changed and my clothes didn’t fit me any more.

I was wearing the same jeans (or leggings … I know leggings!!) and t-shirt combination purely because if my kids got food down me, or drink, or anything else (you know what I mean!), it didn’t matter.

And I felt like I’d lost a bit of me. I had no idea what to wear, so when we went to the pub for my fiancé’s birthday recently I wore the same jeans and t-shirt combination I was wearing in the day. Which is quite unlike me. I like to dress up and feel good in my clothes.

But I didn’t feel good. I’d lost my way with how to dress and I didn’t feel like me. I wanted to get back to me.

So I got in touch with Victoria who I’d been following on Instagram. Stylist to Mums! Victoria is a Mum and gets it.  She set up her business after she had her son 13 years ago.  I knew after speaking with her that I needed her help.  She said “It’s just clothes, but it’s what clothes we choose to wear that can make the difference.”

We went shopping in Regent Street which felt like a real treat. If you’re a Mum you’ll know that it’s impossible to shop with children, let alone clothes shopping for yourself! And Victoria pushed me, I felt completely out of my comfort zone! She told me to be brave and choose things that I wouldn’t usually.

And then when she put all my outfits together for me she pushed me even further! I did draw the line at wearing my plimsolls with my pleated skirt, I know it’s trendy but I’m just not there yet!

So now I feel like I’m getting back to me. I’ve got a few outfits that I feel amazing in and it’s so good to feel like that again.

Here’s what I’ve learnt

Wear the right size

I’d been wearing and was still buying clothes that were too big for me. I kept thinking that my body would change again so I just bought the size I’d always bought instead of buying the right size for me now.  I also think sometimes we can try and hide our bodies as women, or just try and hide in our clothes.  So make sure you buy the right size clothes for you and don’t buy things that are too big.  And stop hiding!

Buy for now

What size you are now, what season you’re in now. Don’t worry what may happen in the future. Buy for today and feel great in your clothes today.

Get to know your new body

My body is so different since I’ve had children but I have to say I love it more now that I ever have done; it’s given me 2 amazing children after all. Get to know your own body and fall in love with it again (or even for the first time).

Be brave

Try new things, new styles, things you wouldn’t usually go for. Victoria got me trying on things that I would never, ever have chosen, let alone tried on and I love them! And I’ve also learnt that things look very different on hangers to actually having them on, so try them.

Get a capsule wardrobe

Don’t buy things that only go with one thing. I made this mistake, I bought a lovely pleated skirt and it only goes with one top! Everything I bought with Victoria went together, and made lots of lovely outfits. I have no idea how to do this, but Victoria made it happen without me even realising!

The details matter

OK this was all new to me. But accessories are important! Victoria’s got me using a scarf for the first time ever. And what I didn’t know is that you want to make sure your accessories match.  If it’s silver, it’s all silver even down to the zip and detailing on your bag or shoes. Who knew?!

It’s OK to be you

There shouldn’t be any guilt in finding yourself, in whatever way that may be. Yes you’re a Mum but you’re you too. Find the time to do things for you and if that’s having a day with a stylist then do it!

I’ve got a date booked in with Victoria for November, ready for Autumn/Winter and I can’t wait. Something else I never thought I’d never say!

You can find Victoria on Facebook and Instagram.

And whilst the picture at the top of my post may not look that brave here’s the red jumpsuit I bought, that pushed me that little bit further!

Red Zara jumpsuit
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