Introducing my new Healthy and Happy Sessions

I often get asked if I do one-off sessions and the answer has always been no.  I’ve found that I get better results for my clients when we work together over a period of time.  I want to see you take charge of your health for life, and it takes time to change habits and get healthy in a way that works just for you. But recently I’ve been feeling inspired to offer a different kind of session.  Something where I can have some fun with my clients in my kitchen!

So what is it?

It’s a 3 hour session, where you learn to cook 3 healthy recipes of your choice.  It can be anything.  If you want to know how easy it is to make nut milk, or some home made pesto or even get some breakfast recipes under your belt.  We can also look at your favourite foods and how to make healthier versions.

I’ll go through the basics of nutrition with you.

In those 3 hours I’ll also get a sense of you and what you need just for you, so by the time we’ve finished you’ll have a toolkit to take home with you.

You’ll walk away with;

A basic understanding of health and nutrition.

3 healthy recipes and the fruits or your labour, the food to take home with you (if we haven’t eaten it during our session!).

And a toolkit to get your started on your health journey.

Recipe Ideas:



Healthy chocolate cake




Salmon burgers

Homemade fish fingers

Nut milk



Salad dressings

Cauliflower pizza
(nicer than it sounds!!)

Gluten free bread

Homemade crackers

Chocolate & banana biscuits

Chia jam

Fruit compote

Garlic & chilli stir-fry

Pasta sauce

Book Now for a Special Rate of £150

To book your Happy and Healthy session today contact me at And if there’s a group of you that fancy doing this together, just drop me an email and we can organise a group session.

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