My Philosophy


‘My best friend is me, and I take good care of me.’

~  Diane von Furstenburg



This crazy thing called life, my family, great tasting food, making a difference, and anything to do with health + wellbeing. And here at Nicky for Life, I’m able to bring all those things together.



I believe that balance is the key to everything

I believe in the body + the mind, and how everything is interconnected

I believe in taking time to breathe

I believe in looking after yourself first

I believe in listening to your body, it’s amazing

I believe in choosing to live a great life, no matter what it throws at you


I wholeheartedly believe in enjoying food – that means blueberries AND burgers, watercress AND wine…it’s about eating well most of the time and enjoying what you fancy (you’ll hear me say ‘life’s too short to live without chocolate’ a lot!).

I’m passionate about helping women (and particularly Mums) look after themselves first, so that they have the energy and vitality for whatever life has in store.

If you want to start making changes to your health and your life take a look at my 3 month programme here.  Or talk to me about the workshops I run, I can tailor them just for you.

It really is possible to be happy and well, even when life gets a bit crazy.


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