My Philosophy

‘Look around. See the people, the scene, sense the warmth of your body, feel the mood and your pulsing heart.’

~  Jack Kornfield



This crazy wonderful life, my family, food made with love, our fascinating human bodies and minds, the power of our thoughts, the precious world we live in, Mother Nature in all of her beauty.



I believe there’s no right or wrong

I believe in solitude and space

I believe in self compassion

I believe everything is meant to be imperfect

I believe we’re connected with nature

I believe in listening to our body (it’s amazing and wise) and our hearts

I believe in being with the dark and light of life as it ebbs and flows


I wholeheartedly believe in the pleasure of food – that means beautiful whole foods from Mother Nature, a wonderful glass of wine and savouring the sweetness of chocolate.

I’m passionate about helping people learn how to reconnect to themselves, so they have the energy and vitality for a full and big hearted life.

If you’d like my support to start making changes to your health and way of being in the world, take a look at my 6 month Mentorship Programme here.  

I promise you, it is possible to be centred and grounded, even when life gets tough. The power to live well exists within us all.



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