This was one of my newsletter back in May and as it’s the holiday season I thought I’d share it on my blog.

This week we’ve spent a beautiful week in Cornwall. We’re trying to make the most of it until we’re tied down to the school holidays!

For me the week has been a mix of healthy and not so healthy, that’s what holidays are all about! Ice-cream & oatcakes, fish & chips and salads, Prosecco and hot lemon! And I did enjoy a cream tea too!

I often hear people say “I’m going on holiday, I can eat what I want”.  And holidays are definitely to be enjoyed.

But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Here are some tips to stay healthy whilst you’re away.

– It’s all about being prepared. Now I probably take this to the extreme! When we’re holidaying in the UK I’ll take my little blender, oats, seeds, protein powder, a bag of brown rice pasta, oatcakes, almond milk … you get the idea! When I’m travelling abroad I also take some staples so that I know that I’ve got some things on hand, like oatcakes, brown rice pasta, porridge oats. It also means that I’ve got some stuff for the kids.

– If you’ve got a long journey take some healthy snacks. I made these chocolate balls that are made with only one date and are high protein so the perfect snack for a long journey. I also take oatcakes, nuts and fruit to keep the children going too.

– You can take it one step further and take a packed lunch; a salad, some healthy wholewheat pittas, or some pasta. In fact a packed lunch whilst you’re away is a really good way to break up eating out.

– When I’m flying somewhere I always take food with me. Don’t limit yourself to what’s on offer at the airport or on the plane.

– Have healthy snacks on hand whilst you’re away; nuts, fruit, yoghurt (sugar free) just in case you get hungry between meals.

– Try and keep at least one meal a day healthy. I try and make breakfast healthy every day. There’s usually lots of healthy choices for breakfast and if you’re self-catering then you can get some healthy stuff in. Fruit and yoghurt or scrambled eggs on wholewheat toast with spinach for example. You could even enjoy a healthy BLT made with avocado, good quality bacon, tomato and salad leaves.

– If you’re abroad enjoy the fresh produce, especially if you’re self catering.

– Make sure you stay well hydrated with lots of water, particularly if you’re somewhere hot and also if you drink a bit more alcohol when you’re away.

– If you’re all inclusive, or boarding in some way, make healthy choices with what’s available. We went all inclusive to Mexico one year and they had lovely fresh guacamole every day, I ate a lot of that whilst I was there!

– Make conscious decisions about what you’re eating. Whether you’re choosing to indulge or you feel like you want something a bit healthier, make sure you’re choosing consciously. And savour every mouthful.

Like I say it doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Choose some healthy meals in between enjoying whatever your holiday has to offer.

And most importantly enjoy your food. Enjoy the local cuisine, whatever that may be. We really enjoyed fish and chips by the sea this week!

Happy holidays!

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