I’m so excited as today sees the launch of my new website and blog. For a while now there’s been something in me that’s wanted to share my experiences, share everything I’ve learned over what’s been a crazy and amazing decade for me. And here it is.

I started off the year with the goal to launch my blog by the time my baby was born. This was in January and my little bundle was due in April. Ever the optimist! The reality was that I was pregnant and it was a tricky pregnancy, I was looking after a toddler and I was working part-time in my corporate job. And then my little girl decided to make an early appearance in March. Throughout this I’ve kept going, there have been times when I’ve wanted to down tools (and I have!) and through the new baby times I’ve been so foggy I felt like I haven’t had a clue what I’m doing. Now it’s here I wanted to reflect on 9 months that it’s taken me to make my goal a reality.

I didn’t know where to start, all I knew was that I had this goal. Then a newsletter popped in my inbox about coaching and business coaching, it sounded interesting. I had a discovery call with Polly Alexandre and she talked me through how she could help me develop my brand, help write a brief for a website developer and ultimately launch my website. I signed up that evening.

She took me through a process that looking back seems so simple, we talked about the colours I liked, the brands I liked, what I wanted out of life. It helped me get really clear on me, what I was about. And then we put all of this into a brief for a website designer.

I loved the process of creating my brand, looking at designs and playing around with colours and designs. It got me back to being creative. My brand guy was great and he nailed it! He got me, my colours and brand right straight away (helped by the good creative brief!). And Nicky for Life was born.

Then came the website, this has been a labour of love. Definitely the trickiest part of the process for me because it’s so integral, making sure the all the content was written, the layout was right and that I had the right photography. The bit I loved most was writing my posts, every time I felt inspired I put pen to paper, or fingers to keypad! Even when my baby girl was days old I was writing posts.

I’m so excited now it’s finally here. I hope you enjoy my website and posts, I’ll keep them coming and then in the new year I’ll be launching my newsletter, so get signed up now. And if you’re on Instagram, come and follow me there, I love sharing all my healthy food.

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