If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I love a bath.  For me a bath used to be very functional.  And it definitely is when I get the kids in the bath at the end of the day.

But as I’ve gone deeper into my self-nurturing practices having a bath has become really important for me.  It’s become a ritual, something that’s actually quite sacred – it brings me back to me.

We can turn everyday activities into something more – something more magical.  Whether that’s having a bath or enjoying your favourite cup of tea.  If we allow ourselves we can connect with what we’re doing on a deeper level and therefore it has a deeper effect on us.

“If we choose to turn these habits into self-caring rituals and infuse them with meaning, purpose and connectivity, we can transform mundane moments into magic sacredness.” Chloe Isidora, Sacred Self-care

What practices can you turn into a ritual?  Where can you take the time to really nurture yourself?

It might be in the shower in the morning – using a body wash that smells beautiful and becoming aware of the water on your body.  Or your daily cup of tea or coffee, or when walking your dog.  Even going to bed and having a lovely bedtime routine can become a ritual.

If you allow yourself you can create moments like these throughout your whole day.

And the important thing about this is the impact it has on you and how you feel.  It’s a moment to reconnect with yourself.  Sometimes the smallest of things can have a great impact.

The sanctity of a bath – your guide:

Create the space to have a bath (sometimes the kids jump in with me but in those moments I’ve chosen for that to happen, if you need time to yourself, create that time)

  1. When preparing for your bath, do everything with intention, start to drop into the process
  2. Start running your bath, aim to make it nice and deep if you can and just the right temperature for you
  3. Whilst the bath is running choose what you want to put in your bath, some salts?  Some oil (take the time to choose what you need right now, smell is such a powerful sense to bring you back to your body)?  Tune in to what you need.
  4. Then get everything else ready; any soaps, washes, cleansers etc. and make sure they’re near the bath.
  5. Then get your towel, dressing gown or comfy clothes ready – if it’s cold pop them on the radiator to warm through.
  6. Now set the scene.  Do you want some candles?  Perhaps some soft music?  Or perhaps it’s silence and stillness you need?
  7. And then sometimes I take it to a whole new level and add some rose petals! I know this may seem over the top but if you can’t do this for yourself then no-one can.  This is just for you, such a caring and loving act.
  8. And remember to really slow down whilst you’re getting ready, this is all part of the ritual.
  9. Then immerse yourself in the bath, relaxing, taking it all in.  Noting the temperature of the water, what it feels like to let go, and breathe.
  10. Take your time, notice the steam, the smells, how your body responds.
  11. When it’s time to get out, take it slowly.
  12. And perhaps you can finish with moisturising your body from head to toe before you get dressed.

I know a bath isn’t for everyone, so there’s an invitation for you to see what you could make into a ritual during your day.  Those moments of magic.

  • https://www.facebook.com/nickyforlife

Nicky Duffell
  • https://www.facebook.com/nickyforlife

Nicky Duffell

Nutritional Therapist

‘Coming home to yourself’

Nicky is a registered nutritional therapist and trained coach who brings together nutritional therapy, functional medicine and powerful coaching techniques to look at the WHOLE you, every part of you – mind, body and soul.

Nicky qualified from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2009 and is registered with The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  Nicky’s also a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

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