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I help my clients learn how to really look after themselves, feel well again, and discover the inner confidence that comes with good health.

Your health is so important.

We can all forget to look after ourselves, neglecting our own needs as we push on through long working hours, juggling family and home-life, dealing with whatever life has to throw at us, and ignoring our body when it’s telling us we need to slow down or take a rest.

So many of us put up with feeling less than our best.  Often we don’t know where to start when it comes to making changes, or haven’t been able to get well through conventional treatments.

This is where my bespoke 3 month programme can really help you.


3 Month Programme

My 3 month programme is designed to create long-lasting improvements, with plenty of momentum and support along the way, both of which are vital for success.

Combining functional medicine principles, nutritional therapy, and powerful coaching techniques, I’ll design a 3 month programme that is UNIQUELY tailored to you, your current health and what’s at the root cause of any issues, whilst also factoring in your personal lifestyle demands and requirements.  We’ll look at how everything is interconnected, and how this is impacting your health and wellbeing.

It’s a fully integrative approach.


Working with me can help you:

Get clear on your health and lifestyle goals.

Be inspired with delicious, healthy recipes, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Increase your knowledge of nutrition and health and understand how to truly nourish your body.

Develop strategies for maintaining your new health habits.

Take accountability for making changes and taking action each week.

Understand how everything you do and experience can impact your health, whether it’s the food you eat, lifestyle choices, the work you do, becoming a new mum, or anything else.

Discover what beliefs and behaviours might be holding you back from achieving your health goals, and how to move through them.

Keep on track with weekly support and check-ins.

Why 3 Months?

  • Habits take time to change.
  • I’ve learnt that you can’t do everything in a one-hour session.
  • You get 1-1 support every week to help keep you on track.
  • Instead of diving into everything at once it means you can build up changes week by week.
  • And, most importantly, it sets you up for success – I’ve found working this way gives my clients the opportunity to get the best results.

What’s included?

  • An in-depth welcome pack, a questionnaire for you to complete when you sign up for my programme. This is the start of your programme.
  • A full nutritional and lifestyle assessment which looks at everything that’s impacting your health; macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrates), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), lifestyle factors (e.g. stress), and exercise.
  • 2-hour intensive session with me to start your programme (usually face to face in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire).
  • 9 weekly one-hour sessions 1-1 with me via Skype.
  • Full email contact between sessions for queries or questions that may come up (we’ll address questions that require more digging and further thought in our weekly sessions).
  • PLUS I’m always working hard behind the scenes to ensure I apply the latest scientific research to your case. I’ll be researching what’s right for you and your specific case and, if we decide to do testing, I’ll be interpreting the results and working on recommendations to support those results.

What’s not included?

Just the cost of supplements and any functional testing I recommend.

I work on a food-first basis, so I look at getting this right first.  Then, usually after a few weeks, I’ll recommend a supplement plan for you.  Occasionally I recommend supplements straightaway, but this depends on your personal case.


Are you ready to invest in your health and change your life?

Get in touch.  Book a free call with me and we can discuss what’s going on in your health and your life.  And also see if we’re a good fit to work together.

3 Month Programme

You can pay for my 3 month course
in full at £1500.00 or pay by
3 monthly installments of £520.


£120 per hour. After you’ve done your 3 month programme you can have one-off sessions to keep-on-track, or get you back on track!

Other ways to work with me


I love doing group sessions and I run workshops in London, and locally in Hertfordshire.  You can find my latest events here. And if you’d like me to do a bespoke workshop just get in touch at


Corporate speaking and events

Have you got an event where you want a focus on health and wellbeing?  Do you want your team to have more energy so they can deliver a top performance?  Perhaps you’re looking for ways to de-stress?

All presentations can be tailored to suit you and your audience, or your organisation.

Get in touch at and we can arrange a time to discuss what you need.



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