A New Way of Being

Starting March 2022

A New Way of Being is a journey with and for yourself

Today there is so much noise that takes us away from who we truly are. Everything we think we should be, mostly to others, and this takes up space and energy in our day to day lives.

We battle with ourselves almost every moment of every day, pushing parts of ourselves away. Our body, our thoughts, our emotions, how we feel. Trying to be somewhere other than where we are in this moment. But more than that, trying to be someone other than who we are.

Underneath all of this is you. Underneath all layers, all the fear, all the judgement and all the labels is your heart, your soul.

“Working with Nicky over the summer has enabled me to understand and accept myself more than I ever have”

Emily Woodward

A deep exploration into ourselves

A New Way of Being is a 8 week group programme where we will journey together to explore all the aspects that make you, you. Your mind, your body, your emotions and your soul. This is not about fixing or changing yourself, there is nothing to fix or change.

A New Way of Being is about acceptance, acceptance of all of who you are.

“Nicky has this incredible ability to see things and pick up things about us which we didn’t even know about ourselves”

Carol Daglish

Your 8 week journey begins here



Coming Together

The beautiful thing about this programme is that it is a group programme and that’s where we begin, in coming together.

Together we will set the intention for you and for the programme.

Week 2


Gentleness in a deep and powerful way.

Exploring what it means to be kind and loving towards yourself. To remove the harsh words and the inner battle, bringing in compassion.

Week 3


Welcoming in the messiness of human life.

We explore acceptance and take a look at all the parts of ourselves that we try and push away. We also explore the imperfections of life.

Week 4

Light and Shade

The struggle in life met side-by-side with joy.

This week we will explore what it means to be with your emotions.  Removing the judgement and allowing yourself to feel.  We also explore grief and the gifts in grief.

Week 5


Essential nourishment and nurture.

This week is all about connection. Connection to ourselves, to mother nature and the rhythms of life. We explore nourishment through food and beyond.

Week 6


Living truthfully, wings spread wide.

This is about your inner trust and knowing, and faith. Empowering all of who you are. Moving beyond the patterns that have kept you safe.

Week 7


A soul connection with life.

Exploring the beauty and enchantment of life. What it means to live from your heart.

Week 8

The final dance

An important and beautiful part of the process.

We complete together in honouring ourselves and the other souls that we have journeyed with.

Experience a deeper relationship

The deeper experience offers you the opportunity to go deeper. To go deeper into the journey with yourself and the relationship you have with life. If you’ve already committed to this work, or are ready to take the leap, then this if for you.

There are just 8 places available for The Deeper Experience.

Start A New Way of Being today.

For programme costs and to book your place, contact nicky@nickyforlife.com

See what others have to say…

Emily Woordwar Testimonial


A New Way of Being will change your life in the most subtle yet most powerful way. I’ve struggled to put into words what this programme has meant to me, purely because there are no words. It’s a feeling. A sense of community, of belonging and understanding…


Nicky has this incredible ability to ‘see’ beyond the transparent, has an almost psychic ability to pick up what we weren’t ourselves able to pick up about ourselves. Important insights which helped us all to move forward and heal. I can’t recommend this programme enough.

Sarah Bytheway - Testimonial


Nicky was kind, loving, intuitive, listened with care and deep insight. No judgement, for me to be me. I couldn’t have achieved this without  her wisdom and guidance. Also, the other women on the programme who bared their souls…


I’m learning what it is to truly live from my heart, and I am discovering that once experienced, there is no going back. This program has enlightened me about so many aspects of my life, but mostly what it means to love myself. I’m very grateful I chose to take this path…

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