Moments of Stillness

Free sessions start July 2021

It’s July and the noise seems to be a little bit louder. Perhaps the impact of the pandemic, perhaps just life as it is right now. And so I want to offer a moment of quiet and stillness within the constant.

For us to come together and breathe.  To let go of the external noise and clutter, and even the internal noise that can captivate us so easily. A moment to come home. A moment of stillness.

It’s also an opportunity for us to come together, to be together in community and in support of each other.

That’s why these sessions are be free for anyone who needs just that.

Here are the dates, you just need to sign-up below and then I’ll send you all of the details each month.

Thursday 15th July 8.30pm BST
Monday 23rd August 8.30pm BST
Monday 13th September 8.30pm BST
Thursday 7th October 8.30pm BST
Wednesday 10th November 8.30pm GMT
Wednesday 15th December 8.30pm GMT


My intention for these sessions is for you to have the space to be you. For you to come as you are, without expectation.

Compassion, heart and stillness.

I love running these sessions and here’s what you’ve said about them in the past.

Nicky the meditation this evening (and the other evenings) was divine. I felt as though I was floating on a cloud and my body tingled all over. So relaxing after a few stressful days. Really enjoyed the music and all your efforts to create a beautiful space for us.  So grateful to be able to join these sessions. Thank you so much.

I was so highly stressed and very emotional on Monday evening, I almost didn’t come to your evening. My body was vibrating in not a good way. As soon as I heard your soothing voice and focused on the breath I was back in my body again. By the end of the hour I was calm and extremely tired. I had the deepest sleep.


It’s just the nurturing time that I needed, I’ve felt such pressure over the last few months to be all things to all people, and have answers when I don’t actually have them, that just taking a breather has made a big difference.


Thank you very much for last night it was wonderful. I just felt very zen.


Thank you Nicky for a truly lovely session last night.


Now this isn’t usually my thing – Can I justify the time? Is there not some work I should be doing? – but I joined the first one last night and it was honestly glorious. I’ve not felt so zen for a very very long time.


Thanks so much for these sessions. Somewhere in the meditation, I just drifted right off to sleep. I just woke up right at 9:30pm and the session was ended. I wanted to thank you for offering these sessions. You have given me so much to think about. So much of what you have said over the evenings has resonated with me. I have a lot of work to do. I am so glad to have connected with you. Very grateful.


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