Space for you

My Space for You sessions offer exactly that⁠—a space for you to come back to yourself. In our busy day to day lives we can get caught up in everything we need to do and everyone we need to look after, forgetting to take care of ourselves.

It is my intention to provide a haven for you to rest and replenish, where you can be held instead of doing the holding. You will leave feeling calmer, more at ease and back in your body.


Connect to your heart, breathe deeply, slow down and let go of all the external noise.

Each session is different, reflecting the rise and fall of the seasons and where you are personally, but includes reiki healing, meditation and moments of stillness. There will be candles and herbal tea to rebalance and support your being.

I create a beautiful and warm environment, where you can pause and just be, with zero expectations.

This is space for you.

Sessions are an hour and are £80.  Email me at to book your session.


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